Fishes of the World, eFishesW, A Fish Identification App

Fishes of the World, eFishesW, A Fish Identification App presents both salt water and fresh water fish by common name, latin name and taxonomy.  Filtering by geographical region available.

eFishesW, Fishes of the World, A Fish Identification App

eFishesW, Fishes of the World, A Fish Identification App

Fishes of the World, eFishesW

A Next Generation Fish Identification App

A Universal App compatible on iPhone, iPad & iTouch
A Valuable Reference, A Reliable Resource, Proven & Practical
A Signature Member of the World Life Forms Product Line

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Practical Features include:

  • Summary view highlights important points, habitation maps, taxonomy and image view
  • Image view allows viewing alternate images and full screen layout (image may not fill entire screen)
  • Text view provides text only summary of species and genera with additional text for root taxons
  • Taxonomy view provides quick links to profile taxonomy
  • Sort entries by common name or scientific (latin) name
  • Filter entries by geographical region
  • Sort entries at taxonomy level kingdom, phylum, classes, order, family or sub-family

Taxon Order Counts

  • Anguilliformes (Eels) 7
  • Atheriniformes (Fish – Diverse Groups) 38
  • Beryciformes (Fish – Squirrel) 3
  • Channiformes (Snakeheads) 1
  • Clupeiformes (Fish – Herrings And Anchovies) 8
  • Cypriniformes (Fish – Carp And Minnow-like) 50
  • Elopiformes(Fish – Tarpons And Lady) 1
  • Gadiformes (Fish – Cod-like And Cusk Eel) 5
  • Gasterosteiformes (Fish – Trumpet Stickleback Seahorse) 7
  • Holostei (Fish – Bowfin And Garpikes) 4
  • Lophiiformes (Fish – Angler) 6
  • Osteoglossiformes (Arawanas Mooneyes & Featherbacks) 4
  • Perciformes (Fish – Perch-like) 271
  • Pleuronectiformes (Fish – Flatfish) 7
  • Salmoniformes (Salmon And Pikes) 25
  • Scorpaeniformes (Fish – Scorpion) 24
  • Siluriformes (Catfishes) 21
  • Synbranchiformes (Eel – Swamp) 1
  • Tetraodontiformes (Fish – Plectognaths) 18
  • Zeiformes (Dories And Relatives) 1

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